Webinar on Travel, Timezones and Infant/Toddler Sleep

Although I haven’t lived in the US for almost three years, I still consider myself an Isis Parenting Mom.  Ravi and I took prenatal classes with them, Ellie took parent & child classes there with both Ravi and I (although mostly with me), and they are always an important stop on our trips back to Boston.  Even though I was 10,000 miles away, Nancy from Isis (IBLC and baby guru extraordinaire) still checked in on me when I gave birth to Rhiannon and has given me support and help over the past year (new moms-do yourself a favor and follow her on twitter or watch her free breastfeeding webinars) .

I am happy to help boost the signal about an upcoming free webinar done by Nancy and Isis Parenting on dealing with Travel, Timezones and Infant/Toddler Sleep.  It is being held on Monday, October 22, 2012 at 8pm (which is Tuesday October 23 at 8am in Singapore), but if you can’t watch it live, you can still sign up and submit your questions in advance, and watch it at a later time.  Go here to sign up!


Meeting Description:

Can’t attend live? That’s OK!
Register and you’ll receive a link to view the recorded webinar later at your convenience.

Travel, Time Zones & Infant / Toddler Sleep
Planning a trip away from home? Whether you’re visiting family a few hours’ car-ride away, or flying clear across the country, this webinar will offer practical and proven sleep suggestions to help your infant or toddler make a smoother adjustment.

Learn to determine optimal timing for flights and car travel, what gear to bring for better sleep while away, when and how to remain flexible about naps and bedtime while avoiding exhaustion-fueled meltdowns.

We’ll review sleep pattern development and circadian rhythms and how environmental changes like light and sound can reinforce or interfere with sleep patterns. We’ll also discuss the biology behind jet-lag and how to manage both small and large time zone shifts with infants and toddlers so you can enjoy your time when away, and get back on track when you return home.

Presented by Sleep Scientist and Isis Parenting Sleep Team Leader Erin Flynn-Evans, PhD ALM, RPSGT
Erin’s popular Science of Infant Toddler Sleep webinar has garnered over 4000 viewers.
Don’t miss this continuation of our Infant Toddler Sleep Support webinar series.

Participant Questions and Answers are welcome as time permits. Please submit questions in advance using the registration form. All registrants will receive a link to the recording after the event.

***Just for the record–I did not receive any compensation for this post.  Views expressed in the webinar are those of the webinar hosts.***

**side note-That’s Rhiannon in the picture with Nancy***

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