Trick or Treating in Singapore

For 2013 info see here

One of the most common questions American Expats have this time of year is “Is there trick or treating in Singapore?” or “Where can I go trick or treating in Singapore?”

Yes, there is trick or treating.

On Halloween (Oct 31), take a CAB to the Singapore American School in Woodlands starting around 7.  DO NOT drive yourself-there is no parking.

You will see giant hordes of people trick or treating on the streets adjacent to SAS.  The police block off the streets to make them a pedestrian zone.  People will be at their gates handing out candy (see above).

We went last year and it was an absolute blast.  E got a lot of candy (as well as a temp tattoo-which in her world was the best thing ever).  Americans, Singaporeans, everyone is welcome.

Ellie will be going as a Pirate Princess (complete with hat and sword) and Rhiannon will be her pirate first mate (yes there will be pictures).  If you still need a costume, there are some options at the more “expat” Cold Storages (Jelita, Great World City and United Square all have a few, with Jelita having the best selection) and some Toys R Us have a selection (if I recall the one at Forum had a reasonable display).  Don’t expect the kind of selection you get in the US, but with a little creativity you’ll do just fine.


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    • Kim says:

      Just wanted to let all your readers know that this event is completely privately-funded and supplied by the generous (mostly American) families in Woodlands. The residents themselves pool their money together to hire security to keep the kids safe on the streets, and file the necessary forms to block the streets off for pedestrian traffic only. Each house hands out up to 4,000 pieces of candy Halloween night. So please, everyone, appreciate the efforts of a small group of people to let others share in our Halloween fun. If you don’t know how to donate funds to help out in maintaining security, or donate a bag of candy to offset the large demand, it would be great if those of us who don’t live in Woodlands (myself included) helped support their charity cause: Caring for Cambodia. Bring along some new toothbrushes, and when you see a sign announcing the house is a drop-off point, the SAS student organization will ensure that your toothbrushes are delivered to chilren in need in Cambodia. Thanks for listening. From an American parent (and former 6 year Cambridge resident!) who doesn’t live in the Woodlands herself but really admires their generosity and sense of fun!

  2. Jas says:

    So this years Halloween will still be on the 31st even though it is a weekday right? Don’t want to disappoint my child. She’s alr all hyped up. Got her costume and bag of candies to donate to the residents there.

  3. Becca says:

    Do you suggest bringing candy as a thank you? I was planning on bringing candy and giving it to a few houses as a thank you for letting us trick or treat in their neighbourhood.

  4. iksmom says:

    Hello, my 4 year old is keen in experiencing Trick or Treat here in Singapore. Would you know when will it be held this year, 2013? What time? Will surely bring new toothbrushes ;))) thank you!

  5. Winn says:

    Hi, may I know if there will be this trick or treat event happening this year too? (:

  6. JC says:

    Hi I would like to know if this also applies 2013? Trick or treating ard 7pm same place? Cheers

  7. Maria says:

    Hello may I know if today – Oct 25, the trick and treat starts?

  8. shiela says:

    thank you for this article!!!!! it will be my daughter’s first trick or treat!

  9. Shini says:

    I’m planning on going trick or treating this year. Can we take public transport(bus) to woodlands and take a cab or walk there or something?

  10. Shayne says:

    may i know is 14 year olds too old to go for this?

    • I’ve seen plenty of teens there. In the US it would be a bit too old, but the SG Woodlands event seems to be much more of an all ages welcome. Even if you chose not to trick or treat, walking the streets is a unique experience.

  11. Wynne says:

    What if it rains? Will there still be trick or treat?

    • Rain or shine, as far as I know. Residents have to pay for the security company that shuts down streets, permits, etc, as it can’t be rescheduled or communicated easily

  12. Kylaxoxo says:

    May I know if this event will also occur this year. I need more details

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