Singapore has made me a photographer

Before we moved to Singapore, I liked photography, but I primarily took pictures on vacation and of Elanor.

But the beauty of Singapore had me reaching for my camera so often I eventually took classes and upgraded my camera.  Beware, all you potential expats–you will likely get addicted!

Sunset, looking back at the city from Marina Bay Sands

At the National Orchid Garden

Salwaar on display at Tekka Market, Little India

I took classes with Phocus, and was fairly happy with them, although I may try another school for my next class.

My friend Katrjin has also fallen prey to the photography bug (who also recommends her photography school).

I upgraded to the Canon EOS D600, which is their low-end DSLR last year just before I had Rhiannon. I’m still learning how to use it properly as I took my photography class before I owned a DSLR and am now just putting a lot of those techniques into practice.  I’m actually thinking quite seriously about taking another class if I can find one that fits well with our schedule (and once our travel is over for the year).

I do still take a lot of camera phone pictures (and one of my big criteria in picking a phone is that it have a top of the line camera–my current phone’s camera is better than the digital camera we owned 7 years ago, for reference) although camera phones have far more issue with low light and movement.  But when it comes to the photos that we have up in our home, they’re all DSLR or digital camera photos.

This website has great tricks and tips, and even sends out weekly emails with tips/tricks to help.  Many are timely (such as how to shoot fireworks around the American holiday of 4th of July when we celebrate with fireworks).

Any other photography afficianados want to chime in with tips, recommended photography classes here in Singapore and the like?

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  1. My friends at also do photography lessons sometimes. I think it depends on demand, though. But they’re awesome fellas.

    Mostly I would just suggest getting out there with the camera and shooting whatever you want, then upping your game as you go!

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