Wordless Wednesday-Disney Hong Kong Day 1

Sign by the motor coach drop off.  We got into Hong Kong around 2/3pm, ate food, got sims for our cell phones, got a cab to the hotel, checked in, spent some time in the room (as Ellie had birthday surprises set up by the staff), and then headed over to the park around 6.

Fountain by the Main Gate.  Pretty during the day, but spectacular at night, when they use lights and the water choreography to music is spectacular.  Ellie could’ve stayed here all night and been equally happy.

The park was doing Halloween related evening stuff.  This was taken over in the Adventureland section of the park on our walk toward the Jungle Cruise.  Adventureland was the creepiest of the set-ups.  Ellie, however doesn’t scare easily, and Rhi apparently will sleep through anything.

Princess Ellie sitting in a throne of bones, as one does.  Also from Adventureland.  This was taken after the Jungle Cruise.  I’d only ever taken the Jungle Cruise during the day in the California Park (which is my only point of reference for Disney-never been to Florida), so I can’t speak to how the differences at night might be night time related versus Halloween related (there was something on the map about the ride being a bit different, but I don’t still have it, so I’m unsure).  Ellie thought the Jungle Cruise was awesome–it ended up being one of only two rides we went on multiple times during the trip.

She spent the entire first night, and some chunk of the second day in her Ariel costume.  Because really, if an Ariel costume isn’t appropriate Disneyland-wear, I don’t know what is.

Ellie and Daddy on the Dumbo ride in Fantasyland (which is where, over the course of the three days we spent the most time).

Throughout Fantasyland there were trick or treat stops (although sadly the candy was the same all over the park, and was a marshmallow thing with jelly in the middle that Ellie hated–I’m told by someone who was just in the Florida park, it’s different candy and everything from chocolate to skittles–kind of bummed that didn’t hold true here).  During certain hours, characters were there for photo ops.  But we got there late enough that kids were just taking turns getting their pictures taken with the decorations at the stop.

Ellie was mesmerized by the fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle.  We ended up watching them both nights because she was so in love with them.

Another fireworks shot

We wandered around a bit after the fireworks and then headed back to the hotel.  Ellie whined about going to bed, but was predictably asleep within minutes.

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