Arrived in Vegas!

On Sunday we embarked on our West Coast US adventure.

There is very little that can be said about flying with two young children except that it does get better.  With each flight we take, Elanor becomes a better and better flier.  She can keep herself occupied for the most part, can feed herself, and even though we have a “Pull-ups on Planes” rule-she has been asking to go to the bathroom and stayed dry on the flights.  Rhi tends to be a crapshoot–when she sleeps she’s an easy travel companion, but we are in the tough 2-3 more years of travel, with the next 18 months being the most challenging (as she is too little to keep occupied for long).  One thing that helped on this flight was having Ravi with me.  We split the girls up (Ravi with Ellie, myself with Rhi) with seats behind one another and that allowed both of us to catch a few z’s here and there as our charges slept.

We arrived in LA at 9am, which I had anticipated being a huge issue in terms of being tired.  But we managed quite well–we got our sim cards so that we could use our phones, got food, hit a Target, went to the hotel to rest for two hours and then went to dinner with a friend of mine from college.  Thanks to that, we went to sleep at a “normal” hour and woke up more or less on local time.

Yesterday we drove from LA to Vegas.  We left a bit later than we’d planned, and I forgot that the sun sets at times other than 7, so I didn’t see the desert, but we have the drive back to see it.  We stopped at a diner called Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner which was a lot of fun…it’s in the barren wasteland of nothingness between LA and Vegas (I’m not being hyperbolic–it’s a lot of desert and very few towns…there are no rest stops with mcDonalds and such).

We got into Vegas around midnight (the trip took about 7 hours instead of 3…life with children–the stop at Peggy Sue’s was pretty significant, time-wise, to let the kids run around outside and get some energy out).

I woke up today with a few of mountains in the distance and Ellie is super excited to see her grandparents.

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