I’m Curating @hellofrmsg this week

Singapore has a rotation curation twitter account — @hellofrmsg .  I’m very excited to be curating this week (Dec 9-Dec 15)!

In an unfortunate turn of events, I’m going to be traveling for most of my first 24 hours curating.  I’m trying to schedule a few tweets to cover my traveling time, but if you want to know more about me, I wanted to link to some posts that will tell you more about me.

You can read my about me page,  but I’ll give you the short version here.

I’m Crystal.  I’m 34, American, and I’ve been in Singapore for almost 3 years.  I’m married to Ravi, 36, also American.  I’m a stay at home mom to two daughters-Elanor/Ellie (4), and Rhiannon/Rhi (1).  This week I’ll be tweeting about Ellie’s last week of N2, and the joys of replacing lost ID’s as I lost my purse in Las Vegas, and other random topics.

This was my 500th post here (I just passed 600) and it lists my favorite posts on this blog from April 2010 when we moved to Singpaore until the date of the post (May 2012).

Some recent posts that you might like are

Community  is about realizing that we have found our community here in Singapore

Diwali and Indian Identity is about how Ellie, 4, has developed a strong Indian identity, much to our surprise.




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