Photo post-National Orchid Garden

IMG_7591Ellie and Rhi at the fountains just inside the gate

IMG_7593“I’m reading a treasure map!”

IMG_7594Walking under the unfortunately named “golden shower” arches.

IMG_7601Waterfall in motion in the cool house




IMG_7621I love the statues scattered throughout the garden–here’s a lion we stumbled across

IMG_7641Taking a picture of Love taking a picture of the flower

IMG_7656Ellie decided on this pose (in the mist house)


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3 Responses to Photo post-National Orchid Garden

  1. Katrijn says:

    I adore the picture of Ellie reading the treasure map, especially all the light cascading down and highlighting her golden gorgeousness amidst all the popping purple flowers! And I love the indeed unfortunately names golden showers… In fact, they are my favourite, nothing to do with the name. I just find those orchids really, really beautiful.

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