Visiting Vegas with Kids

I have two new blog posts up on White as Milk about our time in Vegas

General thoughts on what to do in Vegas with Kids

What to do with kid in Vegas (hotel by hotel guide)


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3 Responses to Visiting Vegas with Kids

  1. Zach Woods says:

    Hey Crystal –

    Thanks again for these suggestions!

    We all had a fun trip. Deb particularly enjoyed the Belagio Fountains!


    • So glad you had a great time! I’ve actually been watching a few vegas themed movies of late (Oceans 11 and such).

      • Zach Woods says:

        I just forwarded this link to friend who will be visiting Vegas for a week with his kids in celebration of his Father in Laws 80th Birthday.

        Other suggestions that I passed along to him:

        – we stayed at the Venetian – Zane is pretty well behaved and if your children are also I would recommend it for kids. The Grand Canal Shops stroll was a great thing.

        – Zane (who is four years old) loved the Cirque de Soleil show Mystere. He did fall asleep halfway thru the early show but that and one or maybe two other if the Cirque de Soleil shows would be appropriate for children.

        – M&M’s World was fun for the ability to purchase M&M’s by color or flavor but was otherwise just full of over-priced M&M branded merchandise and a non functioning movie. I would give it a pass next time.

        – I would recommend a late afternoon Neon Museum tour, followed by dinner on Fremont St., followed by seeing the installed vintage Neon signs lit up. We didn’t get the chance but Zane was intrigued by the Mormon Settlers village right near the Neon Museum. History in a town that likes to live in the moment and obliterate it’s past! Neon tour was very good.

        – just riding the Deuce (double decker bus) up and down the strip, day or night, was entertaining. But if you don’t need to use it more than once in a day a cab will likely be more cost effective for transportation.

        – the Astrodome at Circus Circus was worth but would be even better for kids who were tall enough to ride all the rides.

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