Crate and Barrel has come to Singapore!

The newest American chain to hit Singapore is Crate and Barrel.  For the uninitiated, Crate and Barrel is a home and kitchen store.  They sell furniture (couches, headboards for beds, tables, decorations, lamps, etc) and kitchen things (everything from stemware to Le Creuset).

Please excuse that all of my photos are from my phone’s camera.

Crate & Barrel is located at Ion Orchard, on the 4th floor.  If you were familiar with Marketplace 360, they occupy that old space, plus a bit more floor space.  I’m not sure if they cut into what Marketplace used for storage or what–but it is physically a larger space.

Unlike Victoria’s Secret, which is a disappointment from the moment you look at it (it’s all sprays, makeup and next to no panties and fewer than 5 bras–and no lingerie at all), Crate and Barrel looks like the real deal, even from the mall.


Upon entering the store, it is absolutely the same feel as a Crate & Barrel in the US.  The tables aren’t quite as elaborately set (at least as of today-they’ve only been open for 3 days) but I am willing to be that a friend in the US would have a similar photo if s/he stepped into any of their locations.


I had expected it to be just what I could see from the hallway.  So imagine my and Emily’s surprise when we walked in and saw an entire other section off to the right, chock full of bedding, couches, tables and so forth.  There are plenty of home accents, but as I’m a kitchen kind of girl (no point in buying expensive couches and so forth when there’s a high probability they’ll get crayon on them at this point), my blog post will focus on that half of the store.


I was not only pleased by the selection, but by the prices.  Much as in the US, the prices range from extremely affordable to very pricey (particularly the furniture and some of the higher end brands–Le Crueset is absurdly expensive here-not just at Crate & Barrel but at any store that sells it).  Some examples below

Here are some affordable martini glasses–8.95 each.


Here are some pricey hand made martini glasses with a cute design at 25.99 each.


Adorable orange glasses at 4.95 each


There’s the wall of placemats, napkins and napkin rings that has always held a fascination for me (inexplicably as I don’t tend to use any of the above–I tend to go for cheap disposable napkins or paper towels instead of cloth napkins and so forth).


Emily and I were both thrilled to see OXO measuring cups (that use American measurements) for 12.95 (2 cup capacity, angled inside so you can read it from above or on level at the side).  There’s a far pricier measuring cup next to it, which is what is 49.95 (although in the picture, there are enough of the cheaper measuring cups that they could be mistaken for the more expensive one).


There is also the wall of kitchen accessories from strawberry hullers to spatulas to pancake turners and so forth.


Below is a photo of my purchases today. I purchased a new banana hanger, 2 measuring cups, a salt grinder, a meat thermometer, a vegetable peeler and a biscuit cutting set.

I  also splurged on new steak knives from Wustoff (I use their chef’s knife and a few other knives by them and am a BIG fan).  My old steak knives were cheap and over a decade old.  Unlike my old knives, these can be resharpened, which will extend their lives.

Not counting the knives, the rest of the items were about 100 SGD.


They have a C&B Singapore catalog available at the counter (although it’s a far more limited selection than what’s available in-store).  When I asked, they told me that they’re working on a C&B Singapore website.  Hurray!

I would avoid C&B on weekends for the next month or so, until the new/wow factor has worn off.  But if you can get there during the day during the week, it wasn’t crowded at all.  If you’re a fan of C&B in the US (or even Williams Sonoma-my kitchen store of choice), then you will be very happy with C&B Singapore.

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