A (Vegas) Indian Wedding–The Reception

So this will be the last of the wedding related posts, although I may eventually do more about Vegas.  If you missed any of the previous ones, they were

Pictures of the girls from the various wedding events

A (Vegas) Indian Wedding

So, as I noted in the post about the wedding, we missed the very end of the ceremony because the kids had gotten too fidgety.  We ended up in the hallway we’d danced through earlier with plenty of other kids and parents.  Ellie made a friend with an adorable little boy. His mom and I joked about arranging them/everyone reuniting at the hotel in 20/25 years for their wedding.


After all the guests had filtered out to the hall and we were waiting for the banquet hall to open, I took some photos and hung out with family.  I loved the flowers used throughout the wedding, but these were among my favorites.  There was one on every table in the hall.


I made sure to get a few photos with family members.  Here I am with Ravi, and then with his cousin (and the Groom’s sister) Deva.






Ellie had spent a lot of the wedding days hanging out with her new best pal/second cousin R (Deva’s daughter).  R is about a year younger than Ellie (a few weeks away from age 3, and Ellie is a few weeks past 4 in these photos).


They handed out roses to all the female guests.  Ellie made sure to get two and ran one of them over to R.  She and R showed us the roses and then promptly began to sword fight with them.






We were let into the banquet hall, which again had gorgeous flowers. The picture below is the bride and groom’s table.


The cake was on display


Once everyone was seated, Adi and Pooja entered.


Fairly early in the event, they cut the cake.  They invited R up to cut it with them.  Ellie decided this meant she should be part of it, too and I would’ve brought her back to our table, but Adi and Pooja very sweetly included her.  The girls helped them cut the cake.


They then fed each other and gave bites to various family members, including Elanor.


We got to have some cake and hear a few of the speeches before the girls got cranky and needed to go back to the hotel to go to bed.

It was such a wonderful event and I was really glad to be a part of it.

If you want to see all my wedding photos, the album here (please let me know if you have any issues-I’ve been meaning to upload to flickr as well-the link is to a facebook album, but the photos are public-which means you should see them even without an FB account).

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  1. Thanks for sharing the additional photos on Facebook. It’s a shame that the wedding had to end prematurely because of the kids. It would have been great to see more photos.

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