Wordless Wednesday-Christmas 2012

Let’s file this under “better late than never.”

IMG_7739Baking Xmas Cookies


Family & Tree photo

IMG_7756Note for Santa from Elanor (not in the picture-I signed Rhi’s name too). Cookies and Milk for Santa. Carrots are for Rudolph.

IMG_7757Before the unwrapping frenzy

IMG_7762Ellie and her Doc McStuffins Medical Kit (I went to 4 or 5 toys r us to find this damn thing in California)

IMG_7765Rhi with her Rody (formerly Ellie’s, hence it’s from Ellie)


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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday-Christmas 2012

  1. Dawn says:

    Cool, but do they know what the elves and reindeer have been doing? 😉

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