Wordless Wednesday–Visitors!

Back in December we had our second (non-family) visitors-my college roommate Love and her mom.  Love was my college roommate and remains a good friend.  These day’s she’s a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in Mongolia.  Her mom lives in Southern California.  So they both flew to Singapore and we got to play host!

IMG_7496I took them shopping in the arcade in Little India, and we wandered Tekka Market.

IMG_7527Love jumped for joy at Marina Barrage (where we also had a wonderful view of the sun setting)

IMG_7560We visited the Night Safari (although we didn’t do the zoo/visit the pandas)

IMG_7634The National Orchid Gardens were a hit

IMG_7666We went to Chinatown, although we skipped the Tiger Beer tower

IMG_7708And of course, we went to visit the Merlion

When I originally started the blog (just about 3 years ago, actually), I knew that very people I knew had ever been to Signapore and weren’t likely to come visit.  We’re of an age where many of our friends are settling down and spawning-and just because we’re crazy enough to drag our kids halfway around the world doesn’t mean I think anyone else should (unless they want to).  It’s not cheap, and the time zone shift sucks.  So I figured the blog would be my way of sharing Singapore with the friends back home.

I’ll save the sappy “it’s become so much more than that” speech for my actual 3 years in Singapore misty-eyed love-fest.

What I will say is that it so special to me when I have had the rare opportunity to show a friend a physical place.  To share a moment with them in person instead of via picture, video, blog post, etc.

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