Beautiful Mama Blog Award

The very sweet A of Growing with the Tans has nominated me for a Beautiful Mama Blog Award.

The conditions of the award are that I talk about three things I love about being a mom.

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1-I love the silliness

I tend to be fairly self conscious in general.  But when I’m with the girls, I’ll do almost anything silly to get a belly laugh.  I love doing the silly dance with Ellie.

Beyond that, they just crack me up.  Ellie asked me last week “Why don’t we have internet in the car, Mommy?”

Or when Rhi yelled at the cat for sitting in her stroller.

I’ve laughed more with them than I have in ages.  They remind me not to take myself, or life so seriously.

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2-I love creating new traditions with them

Before I had kids, I had mostly stopped celebrating holidays in any sort of significant way.  I’d pass out candy on Halloween, I’d give gifts on Christmas and so forth, but things like a tree for Christmas seemed like too much effort.  Our very first Christmas together, Ravi and I had what is known in our family as THE CHRISTMAS OF FAIL.  We went to go see The Producers at a movie theater, but got home to realize we had no real food in the house and no way to get a reservation.  We ended up making a Christmas dinner from snack food we purchased at the equivalent of 7/11.

With the kids, we celebrate as many holidays as we can manage.  We celebrate Valentines Day, Chinese New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, Singapore National Day, Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, and Christmas (among others I’m sure I’m forgetting.

I love decorating the house, and sharing stories about the holidays with the girls.  I like creating traditions for our family.  I love that they’ve motivated me to do it.

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3-I love how traveling with kids has changed the experience of traveling

Of course traveling with kids brings its own set of logistical issues, but when you travel with kids, you do so in a fundamentally different way.

I go to different places than I would have otherwise, for example.  When we took Ellie to Scotland at 10 months old, I ended up in a small local mall’s playspace.  I met a local mom and got some great recommendations for dinner as well as getting a peek into what life is like for a Scottish kid/family.  On that same trip, I really wanted to go to Loch Ness (because, well…I’m occasionally a sucker for a good tourist trap).  None of the tours would let me take a baby with me, even if she was in a car seat.  So I ended up renting a car, which was the first time I drove on the left side of the road.  Ellie and I had the adventure of driving through the Highlands, and I was able to stop the car and take all the pictures I wanted to.  In the end it was better than if I’d gone on that trip, and I’m so glad I did it.

I travel slower with the girls.  It can be frustrating when I mentally have a list a million miles long of stuff I want to do.  But the slower pace means I’m not running around to the point where I’m so exhausted that it’s tough to enjoy being on vacation.  It also means I stop and laughed hysterically when not quite 2 year old Ellie got obsessed with a puddle in Phuket on the way to the pool.

I nominate

I would like to nominate the following blogs for the Beautiful Mama Award

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