Hi from the hospital

If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook you already know this, but….

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I’m in the hospital with a torn disc in my spine.  I had surgery on one disc about 6.5 years ago, and that has been a problem area for me since 1996, but this is a new disc altogether.  You know, just to be different and shake things up.

Out of nowhere (from my perspective) as I was bending down to put Rhiannon in her stroller on Wednesday, it felt like two things happened at the same time-as if a person wearing brass knuckled punched me in the small of my back and as if a rubber band snapped inside my spine.  I would later find out from my doctor that this was the moment the disc in my spine tore.  (If you’re a medical type, it’s the L4/L5 disc…the one that was operated on was L5/S1)

I managed to get my kids home with some help from Ellie’s teachers at GUG (putting the girls into their car seats, my stroller into the car and so forth) and a new vocabulary of swear words as I drove.  Each time I hit the gas or the brake, a starburst of pain would explode from my back up to my shoulders, around my hips and down my legs to my toes.  It was super fun, but easier than dealing with a cab at that point.  I got the girls upstairs and deposited Rhiannon in her crib, where she could be safely contained.

At this point, having had back injury stuff since 1996, I knew several things.  I knew that the problem was in the same general area as my compromised/operated on disc.  I knew that the pain was severe enough that it was serious.  I knew I was probably going to get an MRI and likely get admitted to a hospital.  I knew that my lift limit had just reduced from 25 lbs to 10 (at best) and that Rhiannon is 17.  Picking up Rhi was potentially going to damage my back further.  I also knew that it was impossible for Ravi to get home at that moment.  So I did what I could to pacify and keep the girls safe (Rhi-milk and a nap, Ellie-snack and her ipod/tablet/crayons and asked her to be in the room with Rhi so Rhi wouldn’t get lonely and cry).  I iced my back for an hour and then did heat.

Luckily, my friend Claire was able to get there a few hours later (although toward the end before Claire got there the only thing I could do to keep Rhiannon from sobbing inconsolably was to stand next to her crib holding the iPod, showing her Elmo’s world) and she was able to pick up Rhi and feed her.  Our new sitter arrived at 6.  Claire took me to the hospital and stayed until Ravi had come and I’d been seen.

Had the MRI at Gleneagles and then was transferred to Mount Elizabeth at Novena.  This hospital was build a year ago and it’s the best hospital in SG-if only because the wi-fi speeds are AMAZING.  Also, it’s gorgeous and I keep calling it a hotel by mistake, so there’s that.

I’ve been here since Wednesday night and will hopefully get out Sunday. Rehabbing the back will mean weight lifting restrictions for 6+ weeks (including no picking up Rhi), intensive physiotherapy (including how to protect my back when doing mom stuff like putting a baby into a stroller), swimming, and time.

I’m a bit too blur on painkillers to write anything serious or cohesive.  But maybe I’ll try to get something together in the next day or so.

Send your happy/well wishes thoughts to Ravi, who is home with the girls on his own.  Even once I’m home, he’ll have to be here until my in-laws arrive (and I’m deeply grateful for in-laws who can drop everything and come help) so pretty much next week.  He’s a great dad, but of the two of us, I’d say he’s having the rougher time of it than I am.

No, we’re not getting a maid (although I considered it-and that’s a whole other post).

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6 Responses to Hi from the hospital

  1. Robin says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!! I hope the painkillers are working well for you. We had dinner at Kenny Rogers at Novena, and I saw Ravi there. Recognized him from the pics. Didn’t see you, and now I know why. I was hoping you would walk up so that I could introduce myself.

    I know what you mean about it being harder on the care-giving husbands. The past several months my husband has been carrying both of our loads while I experienced a terrible 1st trimester, miscarriage, fractured patella and immobilization, hospitalization from a blood clot in the lung, etc. And, yes, in-laws can be godsends!! Soooo glad you will have them too.

    I will pray for you and your recovery, and for your family as they also cope. Best wishes to you all!!

  2. So so sorry to hear this!
    Can’t wait to hear your Singapore Hospital, Boston Hospital comparisons once you are feeling better.
    Also, read this AFTER pain medication, because you’ll be chuckling away while reading. Actually, nevermind, I’ll tag you to it on facebook.
    Feel better, crystalgeek.

  3. Guillaume says:

    Recover soon Crystal ! and I hope you will pick Rhi up soon again 😉

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