Disney Princesses on Ice

During the very short interval between my hospital stays, I was able to take Ellie to Disney Princesses on Ice.  I’d bought the tickets long before I was hospitalized, but it was a well timed reward. Ellie and I are very close.  My absence had been really rough on her; after I got home she looked at me and said “It broke my heart when you were in the hospital,” which almost made me break down crying.  Spending an afternoon where it was just the two of us, especially as I’d be re-hospitalized a few days later, made it a really special day.

IMG_8014Mickey and Minnie greeting the crowd to start the show

IMG_8052Ariel as a mermaid, at the end of “Under the Sea”

IMG_8063Eric and Human Ariel skating together after defeating Ursula

That Ariel was the featured princess was a big part of why I knew Elanor would love it.  Ariel is her favorite princess.  Ariel was my favorite princess until I saw the movie roughly 74,329 times in the past two years.

IMG_8108I was really happy to see Tiana. That there are so few princesses of color, and that they aren’t featured nearly as often as the white princesses is definitely something I find a bit troubling.

IMG_8185The Sleeping Beauty number was pretty awesome. Here you see Malificent in her dragon form breathing fire, and a pattern of flame ignited on the ice.

IMG_8199Cinderella made her entrance in a carriage

IMG_8295This is the only picture Ellie let me take of her.  Sigh.  Adorably, she was dressed as Ariel and the little girl next to her was also dressed as Ariel!

It was really cool to meet one of my readers, D when we were at the show.

I bought too much merchandise, of course (mostly for E, but some guilt “sorry I didn’t take you too” gifts for Rhi, even though she could care less), but we had such a lovely afternoon.

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  1. Talia says:

    Are you local? Would you like to meet up? I’m from New York. Send me a reply if you like.

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