Wordless Wednesday: Wikki Stix

Elanor is all about “projects,” so when I was offered a chance to review Wikki Stix**, I knew E would like to try them.  I was happy to find a project that didn’t involve cleaning paint, glue, or other nonsense off my table and floor.  I’m still recovering, so that it was something we could do together that didn’t require me to walk or drive or otherwise be active was appealing.

ws1Ellie checking out the Wikki Stix before we opened the packages.  My first impression was that they’re like slightly stick pipe cleaners that can harden to become sculpture.  But they’re not sticky pipe cleaners-they’re yarn dipped in a type of wax!

ws2Our packages of Wikki Stix came with a few suggestions for projects.  Here Ellie is making the top half of a person.

ws5Our finished person.  I wanted to name him/her, but Ellie dismantled him/her.  Alas, nameless person, we barely knew you….

ws3Our Wikki Sticks had a connect the dot project on the opposite side of the directions/project suggestions.  You stick the stix together to make a continuous line.

ws4It’s a bird!

ws7A basket ball that Ellie felt needed some extra Wikki Stix to make it “even more beautiful”

ws8We made her name, of course

ws9Ellie did some free-form art with them.

I wish I could show you what any of these looked like in their final, solid state, but E’s final “project” was to make a ball of them, and that’s what hardened.

It occurs to me that these are not only a fun art project (for the 4+ crowd), but possibly the perfect airplane toy.  They’re compact and light, they can stick so they’re not necessarily easily lost, high entertainment value (we played for over an hour) and they have easy clean-up.  If you buy the Rainbow Pak of 24 wikki stix, it’s only 8.50, which is far less than I usually shell out for things to keep my kids happy in the air.

If, like me, you’re craft-impaired, you might like their sets like the the alphabet cards, or the activity set.  There’s even a glow in the dark kit.

Want to buy Wikki Stix?

Singapore readers–You can buy them in-store at Times Bookstores, or on their Website.  Use the discount code EXPATBOS on the website to get a 10% discount at check out on the website (use the code and click “apply coupon” upon checkout). Valid now until May 31, 2013.  Support a fellow parent entrepreneur!

US readers–The website provides FREE worldwide shipping, so you too can take advantage of the promotional discount code.  (If you want a currency converter, go here-set it as from SGD to USD)

**I received the Wikki Stix in the first picture in exchange for a blog post.  All opinions expressed within are my own.**

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  1. hey i remember playing with something like that as a kid!

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