Happy 4th/Thursday

It is within the window of time where it is the 4th of July in Singapore and back home.  July 4th is USA’s National Day, and we are now 237 years old (which makes us geriatric in comparison to SG and in our infancy compared to China).

If we were in the US, most everyone would be off from work.  Traditional 4th of July activities include parades, cooking food on a barbeque, and watching fireworks.

The 4th of July always makes me a bit wistful for an old apartment of ours.  We were on the 5th floor of a condo in a Boston suburb.  The condo itself was on a fairly high hill.  From our living room you could watch 4 or 5 different town’s worth of fireworks.

I also remember how much fun it was to gather with friends in Harvard Square on the 4th.  Once they shut down Memorial Drive, one of the two highways that run along the Charles River, we would walk over and plop down on a blanket and wait for the fireworks, which are fired from a barge in the middle of the Charles.

One of the biggest highlights of a Boston 4th is our “Pops Goes the 4th” concert by the Boston Pops Orchestra followed by the fireworks spectacular.  The highlight is when the Pops play the 1812 Overture, complete with military personnel firing off cannons and fireworks exploding overhead.  It’s incredible.  I’ve never attended at the esplanade itself, but I’ve gone to the esplanade for the rehearsal concert.  On the 4th itself, the esplanade is too crazy and too crowded for me to consider it.

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However, today passed without special notice in our home. My mom is visiting from the US. Various members of the family are in various stages of headcold. Ellie went to school. Rhi stayed home to get some 1 on 1 time with my mom without Ellie butting in. I remembered to tell Ravi to set the TiVo to tape thepops goes the 4th tv special, but we may or may not get around to watching it.

The longer we’re away, the less attached we feel to US-centric holidays. Of the US holidays, I feel far more attached to Thanksgiving. I’m not into over the top expressions of Patriotism (although I do love the musical 1776). While I love fireworks, there are ample opportunities for me to see fireworks here (speaking of which, when do the NDP practice fireworks begin?). We have National Day coming up here if I feel like experiencing a “flag threw up everywhere-it is.”

Detachment doesn’t remove all meaning though, so I’m taking a moment to smile at 4ths gone by. My biggest smile is for 2009 in Washington DC, on the National Mall where 8 month old E ignored the fireworks overhead in favor of a ball that lit up in her hands.

Happy 4th or Happy Thursday.

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2 Responses to Happy 4th/Thursday

  1. Sheila says:

    We’re moving to Singapore soon and remembering or comparing traditions is one thing that i hope i can do without feeling sad. Autumn is my favourite month and we’re going to be leaving Scotland in the middle of it. I will miss Bonfire Night which is the best…but i really want to throw myself into Singapore life and try not to only think of the things that im missing.
    I love your blog and we’re trying to read as many as possible to get an idea of what its really like!

    • Depending on when you arrive, you’ll get to see the Lantern Festival, which is one of my favorite events. And Christmas is Singapore is magical–we’ll actually be home in Boston for it, and I find myself actually disappointed by that fact because I love SG Xmas so much!

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