Trick or Treating 2013 PSA

At this time of year, my old entry on Halloween gets a lot of hits.  I figure it was time to do my annual PSA on Halloween for both my fellow expat Americans and those who are new to the holiday but want to see what all the fuss is about.



Trick or Treating

6-8 pm on October 31, 2013 (Thursday)

Little America–do NOT try to drive.  Get a cab to SAS (Singapore American School) and follow the massive throng of people.

A note from a friend who used to live in Little America

Just wanted to let all your readers know that this event is completely privately-funded and supplied by the generous (mostly American) families in Woodlands. The residents themselves pool their money together to hire security to keep the kids safe on the streets, and file the necessary forms to block the streets off for pedestrian traffic only. Each house hands out up to 4,000 pieces of candy Halloween night. So please, everyone, appreciate the efforts of a small group of people to let others share in our Halloween fun. If you don’t know how to donate funds to help out in maintaining security, or donate a bag of candy to offset the large demand, it would be great if those of us who don’t live in Woodlands (myself included) helped support their charity cause: Caring for Cambodia. Bring along some new toothbrushes, and when you see a sign announcing the house is a drop-off point, the SAS student organization will ensure that your toothbrushes are delivered to chilren in need in Cambodia. Thanks for listening. From an American parent (and former 6 year Cambridge resident!) who doesn’t live in the Woodlands herself but really admires their generosity and sense of fun!



Good resources for costumes include Toys R Us and Spotlight.  If you’re looking for bare essential like a witches hat or a devil’s pitchfork you an also hit Daiso or a Cold Storage.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.14.20 AM


Cold Storage, Daiso and Spotlight (although the latter two are moving out their Halloween inventory in favor of Christmas items, so hurry if you haven’t bought yours).  You can also get pumpkins at Cold Storage and other grocery stores.

Enjoy and have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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  5. JC says:

    Hi question: what happens if there’s a heavy downpour?

    • Rain or shine/No rescheduling, as far as I know. The people who live there raise money to pay for security/shutting down the streets. If they wanted to cancel, they’d have to raise the money all over again. There’s also no way to communicate a change.

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