Wordless Wednesday-Diwali 2013

IMG_0698This year we celebrated Diwali quietly at home.  My mother in law and I made jelabi, and we had other snacks.  A good friend and her daughter visited and shared some of the day with us.

IMG_0707Elanor got one hand of mendhi done at the Diwali market.  I did the other hand.  I’m pretty sure everyone can figure out which is which.

IMG_0710The girls are a bit young to do a rangoli design with powder, so we bought one that’s printed out and stuck it on the floor outside our front door.  Maybe in a few years when Rhi is older we’ll try to make a traditional one.  We also bought and hung a few decorations.

IMG_0724I took the girls downstairs to light sparklers.  Rhi needed a grownup to do it with her, so she only did one and Ellie was allowed three.

Worth noting–the Diwali exhibit at Gardens by the Bay that I featured in last week’s Wordless Wed is on until Sunday Nov 10.

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  1. bookjunkie says:

    so gorgeous in their traditional outfits 🙂 They are growing up sooo fast.

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