Ice Art 2013/2014 Review

One the items on my bucket list is to attend the Harbin Ice Festival in Harbin, China.  So I was super excited to read about the Ice Art 2013/2014 show.  I guess that it is an annual thing, but this was the first time I’d heard of it.


The SISTIC page says of the event

This holiday season, let Century Ice Wonderland (CIW) bring you a slice of The International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival (IISSF) from Harbin to sunny Singapore.

Held inside a thermal-insulated hall kept at -15°C, the exhibition occupies some 50,280 sq feet of space and uses a total of 450 tons of crystal-clear and coloured ice blocks. It will be spilt into six exciting themes featuring the likes of London’s Big Ben, Paris’ Eiffel Tower and our very own Merlion, alongside towering sculptures as high as 4 meters.


The event opened this weekend, but this was our only chance to go see it, as the girls and I get on a plane next Friday, and it was our last family adventure in Singapore of 2013.  I was especially looking forward to this part (quote from SISTIC page)

With the support of Harbin partner, Harbin International Ice Lantern Art Association, your children can also expect an exchange of cultures and take part in treasure hunts and educational games through organized programmes like The Learning Ledge; while you chill out at the Ice Bar with your cup of beverage served in environmentally friendly Ice-Mug. Everyone is encouraged to dispose of your ice mug by smashing it against the wall!

Sadly, this is not happening at this point, and I couldn’t figure out where it would be happening as we walked through the space.  So perhaps it will be available in another week or so, but disappointingly not at this time.



What they do have is an ice slide.  The big slide, here in the middle, allows people to toboggan down the hill on an inner tube.  E found it great fun.  On either side is a slide.  In theory, if you lay on your back you’ll slide right down.  I saw one child successful do so, but both of mine just inched down.


If you don’t have your own winter coat, they do have racks available to wear.  A word to the wise is that they didn’t seem to fit anyone–a fairly unique talent.  You’ll also receive a pair of stretchy gloves, which we did use (and we put on the girls-although mittens would be more welcome for the kids).



The ice work is stunning as you’d expect from those behind the Harbin Ice Festival.  The detail is, at times, stunning.

IMG_1578There are small signs at most of the sculptures, telling you what they are, which was helpful as I couldn’t identify all of the places profiled.



One of the things I enjoyed finding were the little lights that turn these huge scupltures various colors.

Entry is 32 sgd for adults, 24 for kids 9-12, free for kids under 9 (limit one free kid per paid adult is what I was told).

You can find their location next to the bayfront mrt stop, and there is a small parking lot-4 sgd for the first hour, 3 per hour after.

We spent just one hour.

Suggestion for a family fun day-go see the movie Frozen, and then go to the Ice Art exhibit.


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  1. Grace says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, it looks like a really neat exhibit! I too have always dreamed of going to Harbin but the really low temperatures made me chicken out. This sounds right up my alley.

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