Boston and Singapore are the same place

It occurred to me while home that in some ways, Singapore throughout the year and Boston in winter are the exact same place.


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The weather is often so extreme that people stay indoors.  In Singapore we complain that it is too hot and take the kids to indoor play spaces.  In Boston it’s too cold to stay outside for long, so we bring the kids inside to play.

The glee kids have playing in the weather

IMG_1778 IMG_2208

In the heat, children live to play in the water parks.  In Boston, they love to play in the snow.  In both cases, the parents are standing there sweating or shivering….or we sometimes join in for some fun with our kids.



Speaking of weather, the second there is weather like snow in Boston and rain in Singapore, everyone forgets how to drive.  The rate of accidents increases sharply.  I find that my tires in Singapore are not optimal for traction in driving through rain water (I had specialized tires in the US that were rated for rain and snow).  My rental in Boston had Florida plates and the tires were clearly not snow tires, and I had to be very careful when driving on snowy roads, compensating for sliding that wouldn’t have happened had I been in a properly winterized vehicle.



You might think that boiling Singapore and frigid Boston would have anything in comparison with each other.  But in both cases, you dress for the weather outside (wearing very little in Singapore and extra layers in Boston).  However, in both cases, once you arrive at your destination, your outside clothing is often wrong for the interior of wherever you’ve arrived.  In Boston, you end up removing layers.  In Singapore, I know plenty of people who add a little sweater due to the strong air conditioning in malls and movie theaters.

School Suspension

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 1.55.21 PM

When a blizzard hits, or the temperature drops into a dangerous range, school will be canceled.  This past June, although public schools were on holiday, some private schools canceled when the haze became so bad that our air was rated as dangerous.  I know this is not a common occurrence in Singapore, but as it happened this year, and affected my children, it strikes me as a parallel.

Okay, so maybe they’re not the same place, but the parallels make me a little homesick for wherever I’m not.

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