Siam Ah (Singapore’s answer to flappy birds)

I never got addicted to flappy birds–I’m too busy crushing candies.  However, I know the addiction was widespread, and some of you may be finding yourself in flappy birds withdrawal.  But there is a cure–or rather a new addiction just waiting for you.

siam ah 1

Described as

This is a parody to the Singapores version of Flappy Birds – running (Siam Ah!) away from our Electronic Road Pricings (ERP).  (source google play store—but also available on iTunes)

siam ah 2

Your bird is a wad of cash with wings

siam ah 3Your goal is to escape the ERP gantries.

siam ah 4My high score is 2 gantries.  I suck at this game, and I probably would have sucked at Flappy Birds.

But I find this kind of adorable–and it’s free—so I encourage you to go download it from Google Play or iTunes.

If you play it, let me know your high score below in comments…

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