Exploring Singapore: Henderson Waves

Notabilia has been telling me for ages that I should go see/walk Henderson WavesIMG_2948 Ellie read the rules teaching what to do if we encounter a wild monkey. (We didn’t.)

From the parking lot, there is a fairly steep hill to reach the waves, which are at tree-top height.  Make sure you’re walking on the path to the waves, instead of toward the forest walk (it’s clearly written in yellow paint on the path)

IMG_2953The unique curvature over the seating creates the “waves”

I didn’t notice until we were on the far side of the wave walk that there is a no scooter/bike/rollerskating sign.  Don’t bring yours.  Honestly, it wasn’t a good place to scoot–a lot of it is at an angle, making it too easy to pick up speed, or for your scooter to get away if you fall (the latter happened to E, and a nice woman grabbed it for me while I was trying to chase it down).

IMG_2956The view toward Keppel Bay

The day was a bit hazy, so the images aren’t as sharp as I would’ve liked.  However, when I looked off to my right, I saw Keppel Bay.  They’re hard to make out in the picture, but we could see the container ships as well as the unique architecture of the building on the left.

IMG_2957City view

To the left, we could look back toward the city.  Can anyone tell me what the yellow circular building on the bottom right is?

IMG_2961We found this kitty under a bench toward the end of the Henderson Waves portion of the walk (it is part of the much larger 10km Southern Ridges Hiking Trail).


IMG_2966We actually saw two couples doing pre-wedding photography.  I took this shot to illustrate the rise and fall of the waves along the walkway.  This bride was very nice when Ellie asked me to tell her that she looked beautiful (and she did!)

IMG_2969These two women were sitting and singing “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars, accompanied by ukelele.  I asked, and they gave me permission to take their photo.

We visited on Sunday in the late afternoon (4-5) and it was fairly quiet.  There were the two brides doing photos, the singers, people walking their dogs, couples, and families out for a walk.  It was a really peaceful way to enjoy a short walk.  Some day I’d like to attempt the full Southern Ridges, although that would be a full day hike, and far too long for the girls.  The next portion I’d enjoy doing is the treetop walk, which is estimated at about 3-5 hours including the approach from either end (the TTW is a suspension bridge of about 250 meters in length).

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6 Responses to Exploring Singapore: Henderson Waves

  1. Katrijn says:

    Next time you go and hike in my backyard, I expect a call! 🙂 We go up the treetop walk to the Henderson Waves regularly (and then walk on to take a cab home from the Jewel Box on Mount Faber).

    What I love to do is head out around 5pm, take a picnic dinner and sit at the Waves for the sunset. The whole thing is a bit of a hike, but perfectly doable with the pram and a carrier. It’s usually quite busy, and the views are stunning.

    And no, we’ve never seen monkeys there either!

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  3. Hee Kyet says:

    The circular building in your city view photo is the SAFRA Clubhouse.

  4. Laura says:

    Love this bridge! Also, if you do manage to make it to the end, you get to reward yourself at Jewel Box with a cocktail and a nice view. Hopefully also a cab ride home to save your achy feet. 🙂

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