Waiting for PR…

It was difficult to hear that it would take at least four months to get an answer on our PR application.  I talk a good game, but it was a rough 4 months waiting for April to finally roll around.

Since April began, though, I approach my mailbox every single day with hope rising in my chest, heart beating a bit quicker—only to have those hopes dashed by an empty mailbox, or a power bill.  Today I finally gave into temptation to call the ICA to ask about the status of our application.


Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 2.09.32 AMIt’s still processing.

I can sometimes have issues with anxiety, especially when I feel like there is a lot of uncertainty.  In this case, we have only one plan–all of our apples are in one basket.  I have explored private schools and they aren’t right for us.  I don’t think that homeschooling is a good fit for Elanor and I.  While there will likely be seats left in Singapore’s public schools in phase 3, I don’t know that those seats will be anywhere near our home, or that we would be happy there.

Knowing that we are in the window, I am also impatient.  Yes?  No?  Just tell me!

These are my personal issues, not Singapore’s.  But this is my blog, so you guys get to hear me whinge that we are still waiting on an answer and that I’m losing my mind.

Everyone send “PR answer” vibes…or, failing that, I’ll also take “calm the fuck down” vibes.

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2 Responses to Waiting for PR…

  1. Laura says:

    Does it always take 4 months or do some applications get processed quicker? Sending good PR vibes….!

    • The ways of the ICA are mysterious. Some people hear in 3 months, others six. I was told 4-6 months, but a friend who interviewed two months later was told 2-3 months (and by that metric may hear sooner than me). I think they may put names into a hat on daily basis and fish them out to decide whose application they’re going to deal with that day.

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