Wordless Wednesday:Tiong Bahru Park

I am kind of embarrassed to admit that it has taken me four years to get to Tiong Bahru Park.  It’s just up the street from my house…but in the opposite direction that we usually travel in.  But I’ll be honest–as the mom of young children, I don’t know that I feel like I was missing out on much.


It’s a very pretty park with walking/jogging track, green space, and a playground.  There were plenty of joggers, and groups of people picnicking.


At first glance, I couldn’t quite figure out why we hadn’t spent any real time here.  It looks impressive.  The train design on the play structure is fabulous.


After Rhi slid down the slide, though, it became clear that even if we had visited the playground before, it isn’t somewhere we’d spend a lot of time.  By 11 am, the slides were too hot to use, as there is no shade near the playground equipment.  We’re not morning people–we prefer to be lazy and linger over breakfast if we don’t have to be somewhere.  While the train shades the walkways below it, even the tunnel slide had heated to the point where it wasn’t useable.


Both girls did enjoy the swings, but they’re not nearly the draw a water play area would be.  It kind of baffles me that Elanor doesn’t know how to swing.  But when I was her age, I had my own swing set to practice on every day–this was only Elanor’s second time on a swing, and she lacks the typical kid ability to swing.  While this park has a swing, few others do–and it’s one of the ways you can identify it as an older playground.  But again–there is a lack of shade.

The kids ended up playing with another child in the sand in the small bit of sand that was covered by shade.  Little black insects immediately began to harass me.  In short order, I couldn’t really handle being there.

IMG_3107E likes posing, but prefers to do so in air conditioned environments.

We went for a walk in the area after that was a much better fit for everyone.  If it were “cool” (and I use that term loosely) season or if I didn’t expect to be eaten alive after dark, a park might be a better experience for us.

I do plan to go see some of the older playgrounds, but I don’t know that we’ll make a huge effort to get back to Tiong Bahru’s Park/Playground any time soon.  The truth is that I’d rather take them to Polliwogs where it’s clean, air conditioned, and–if I have only Elanor–I can get work done in the parent cafe while she plays.

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