Wordless Wednesday Easter

I grew up Catholic, so I have fond memories of celebrating Easter as a kid.  However, we weren’t terribly religious, and so for me, the holiday meant Easter Baskets and egg dyeing and a pretty dress.  As an adult in the US (sadly not the case here) the real day for celebration was the Monday after Easter when all the candy became 50% off.  As parents trying to create holiday traditions, we added Easter into the calendar as a secular celebration (just as we do a secular celebration of Christmas).  Here are some photos of our Easter weekend…


IMG_3176boiling eggs

IMG_3207dyeing eggs

IMG_3248The finished product(s)

IMG_3301Silly faces in their easter dresses (both dresses are formerly worn at weddings)
IMG_3326Rhi Rhi with her magic wand at Tiara Society
IMG_3331Knight Princess Elanor (who changed into an Elsa costume from her Easter dress because Frozen and Elsa are the best things ever ever ever ever ever)

IMG_3345Hunting for eggs 1

IMG_3347Hunting for eggs 2

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