Here I go….

I’m going to Cambodia for two very specific reasons.  Firstly, I’m going there to visit/photograph Angkor Wat and the other temples to the fullest extent of my heart’s desire.  Secondly, I’m going to get a break from my husband and children.

However, it’s the latter that keeps tripping me up.  My husband and kids won’t be going.

We were planning for me to take this trip last year, but the plans were derailed by tearing a disc in my back.  This year I’m going….even though it turns out I tore my PCL (one of ligaments at the back of your knee) when I took a nasty fall at Universal Studios back in early April.  What fall?  Oh the one I didn’t talk about here because my blog has been one long medical entry for the last year.  I thought it was just another story of how Crystal is a giant klutz.  (Notice how there’s an entire category called “acts of supreme clumsiness?”  It’s there for a reason)  As it turns out, I snapped the ligament, but am luckier than one might expect given my history–at the moment we don’t anticipate surgery.  Your calf, quad and hamstring muscles can take over the job of the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) and thus far, that seems to be working for me.  Ironically, the fact that I’ve been fairly good about the gym for the last year meant that my muscles were strong enough to start taking over with the help of twice weekly physical therapy.

The injury means I’m not hiking to the river of a thousand lingas (you have no idea how sad I am about this), and that I’m not going to attempt the top levels of the temples.  Walking isn’t really an issue.  Climbing stairs has the potential to aggravate it, so I’ll be doing a lot of first (or at most second) floor exploration.  It’s not like there’s a lack of temples, to explore and I’ll run out of stuff to do.

As I’ve been getting ready, I have a persistent nagging that I’m forgetting things.  Or people.

Only packing for myself is bizarre.  As is prepping everyone for me to be gone but the day to day SG life to continue.

I’m excited, but I feel a bit out of sync.  I have a fairly well established travel rhythm, and I’m dancing out of sync.

Wish me uncomplicated flights, good photography conditions, and fun.

****I’m not sure what my internet setup will be.  I’ll likely not be blogging, but if you like me on facebook, I may do a bit of posting there.****

See you next week!

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