Exploring Singapore: Changi Airport

Changi Airport in Singapore has been recognized as one of the best airports in the world.  While I have flown in and out of Changi for four years, I’ve never really had a chance to explore it.  We often have flights leaving in the 5-7 am range, which means we blearily stumble into the airport and collapse in the lounge.  None of the stores are open.  We have two tired kids who have no interest in walking aimlessly over the airport.


However, one of the perks of flying alone (and having a mid-day flight) was the opportunity to explore Changi before heading off to Cambodia.IMG_3667I found the playground in Terminal 1.  We knew one existed, but had never visited it.

IMG_3674The Terminal 1 “Snooze Lounge” for when exploring Changi wears you out and you need a nap.

IMG_3700I wandered the cactus garden in Terminal 1

IMG_3706I stopped for a free massage

IMG_3724One of the two koi ponds in Terminal 3

IMG_3729There’s a 2 story butterfly garden in Terminal 3

IMG_3741Free movies in terminals 2 and 3 (this is in Terminal 3)

IMG_3760Gorgeous Artwork and plants dot all three terminals

This is just a small sample of what I saw, and I didn’t even get to Terminal 2 (which has a sunflower garden).  If you’re going to fly, and you have the time to spare I highly recommend giving yourself an extra 3 or so hours to explore.

My full set of Changi pictures can be found here.

Beyond all of this?  You’re in a cab within 30 minutes of landing on the ground.  World’s Best Airport is a well deserved title.


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