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Oh blog, how I’ve missed you so!

If you follow me on facebook, you know that my hard drive crashed not long after I got back from Cambodia.  But it is fixed and I am back, so all is well that ends well.

As it has been a while since I last posted, I thought I would give you a bullet point kind of update about what’s been going on with us for the past month or so.

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Although we were told 4-6 months at our PR appointment in early December, we have still not heard about our PR status.  If looks could kill, my mailbox would be a steaming twisted lump of metal at this point because “six months” was several weeks ago.

Singapore is too efficient–I have grown to expect things to happen on time here.  If it were the US, I would be resigned that this just how things work and that everything is late and I should just rot here in limbo.  But this is SINGAPORE!  Land of things happening on time.  Of the fastest customs at the airport in the world.  Of generally prompt and easily dealt with paperwork, such as getting our IC’s, and registering Rhiannon’s birth.  That we have passed six months has me stressed, if you want to be understated about it.

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November is shaping up to be a crazy month–two school concerts (Elanor’s is technically a “graduation” and I’m trying not to get too emotional about that.  MAH BABYBEE IS ALL GROWED UP!!!), a ballet recital (E) and two gymnastics shows (E and R).  I can’t imagine what this would look like if we had more children.  Parents of large numbers of children–what is your secret?  Do they clone you if you have four kids?  Clone both of you at five?  Seriously, fess up.



Both girls had their mid-year gymnastics shows, but I haven’t gotten around to uploading Rhiannon’s show pictures as I only JUST got my computer up and running again.  Both shows will get a post of their own with some of my favorite shots.  I love shooting their gymnastics shows, but because I shoot continuously, there is a very large number of photos to edit to find the very best shots.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 9.19.14 pmI thought I had written about my ambivalence about sending Rhiannon to school at such a young age last year, but after going through my archive, I apparently didn’t.  Rhiannon started Playgroup class last May at 18 months old after I tore the disc in my back and my in laws came to help out for a few months.  After they left, I wasn’t able to care for E all day and we elected to try school as opposed to hiring a new helper.  I was definitely conflicted about the whole thing–I would have maybe done a parent child class at GUG before enrolling her in N1 this past April (which at GUG is 3x a week for 2 hours) had things been different, and I have had to make my peace with my choice.

Overall, enrolling Rhi at her preschool has been a very positive choice for our family.  I have been able to focus on my recovery (gyms here don’t have daycare, so school time is the only time I can go) for my back, and now for my knee and Rhiannon has been getting great social interaction and a far stronger start to her Mandarin than Elanor did.  Rhi loves her school and her teachers, and things had been going very well.

Unfortunately Rhiannon is having a tough transition from 2.5 to 3.  Developmentally, this is when separation anxiety hits the peak, and Rhi has been missing me.  She’s also been acting out a bit, and has been a challenge to parent.  Every kid is different, and her transition has been rougher than Elanor’s was.

Recently I had a long talk with her teacher, and when she said Rhi really missed me, I have decided to try to give Rhi some days off from school and extra “mommy and Rhi” time.  Earlier this month GNB had their “bring your child to work” event.  Ravi took Elanor, but Rhi is still a bit too young for the event.  So I elected to take Rhiannon to the zoo.  Roughly five seconds after we got through the gate, it began to rain.

Having lived in Singapore for four years, I am prepared for rain.  I wrapped my camera in several layers of plastic bags to keep it safe, and put a rain cover over my stroller to protect the contents of my purse and my camera.  I put Rhi’s raincoat on her and opened my umbrella.  When the deluge began by the polar bear, I took this as a sign that the storm was almost over.  Imagine my shock when instead of a standard 20-30 minute rainstorm, we faced over two hours of nonstop downpour.  Personally, I would’ve been happy to go back to the car.  But Rhi wanted to see the animals and was totally unfazed by the rain—and I had plenty of stored up mommy guilt—so we continued to walk around the zoo, getting soaked to the skin even with the precautions.  (My camera and purse were fine).  At one point, Rhi asked for her snappea crisps, and I tried to convince her to go to a shelter to eat them.  She instead wandered from roughly the giraffes to the kidzone with the bag totally open, in the rain, happily eating her increasingly soggy snappea crisps.

I had just gotten a new phone because all my technology died at the same time, and elected to get a Sony model that is water and dustproof.  I can testify to the waterproof, as the picture above was taken with the camera phone.  If you look carefully, you can actually see the rain hitting and bouncing off the Ah Meng statue.

Rhi was happy, and we’re working on helping her through this rough time.  I’m trying not to let the mommy guilt smack me about too much, but it can be rough because there are no perfect choices, only the ones that you think make the most sense at any given time.

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My knee is improving with glacial slowness.  It doesn’t seem to need surgery, but it has obviously set my progress back by a fair clip.  It continues to be a tough line to walk between the appropriate level of pushing myself to ensure that I am strengthening the surrounding muscles (which allows them to take over the job of my PCL-posterior cuciate ligament) without overtaxing them or my knee.  I’m down to weekly physical therapy from twice weekly, and I’m slowly returning to my fitness program.

Related random thing–I’m trying out the “Run Zombies” app because I have a number of friends who like it, I have a thing for zombies and it seemed like a way to make things a bit more exciting.  The jury is still out as to how much I like it or how frequently I’ll use it.  I like the “game” aspect of it, but I don’t like that the playlist is so set.  Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to hear Pussycat Dolls and at other times it’s exactly what I need.  I like but don’t LOVE it, I guess.

I just wish I could go back to Zumba, but that’s six plus months away.  Sigh.



I took Ellie to see Taylor Swift because I’m not too old to be at a Taylor Swift concert —I’m a “Cool Mom.”  Also, she’s a pretty big TS fan, and was very excited about singing along to “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”  She enjoyed it, but as things only really got started about an hour and a half after her normal bedtime and 30-45 minutes after when she’s usually asleep, it’s not surprising that by the end of the show she was curled up in my lap fighting sleep.  She managed to revive for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which was the last song, but was passed out in my car before we had left the parking lot.


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So that’s what’s new with us—what’s new with you guys?

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