Pink Dot 2014

pink dot tomorrow at 5

I’m so excited to be taking the girls to Pink Dot tomorrow.  Last year we were running late–Rhi fell asleep in the car, and Ravi stayed with her so that Elanor and I could attend and witness the lighting of the dot.

pink dot 20132013 Pink Dot arial shot (not mine, obviously)

I’m really excited that both girls will be old enough to attend this year, although only Elanor will have a true understanding of what Pink Dot is and why we attend.

Raising the girls in a home that celebrates all safe, sane and consensual relationships is very important to us.  We read stories like King and King or The Boy Who Cried Fabulous at bedtime.  In the past year, as Elanor has expressed interest in our lives before her, I’ve been very matter of fact that before her dad I had both boyfriends and girlfriends.

While Elanor doesn’t have the vocabulary of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual or Transgender at this point, she does understand that it is absolutely fine for women to date/marry women or men and for men to date/marry men or women, to date and not marry, and to neither date nor marry.  More to the point, she knows that people who say that women can only marry men or vice versa are wrong.

e at pink dot 2011E at Pink Dot 2011

A few tips for first time attendees

  • Don’t try to park.  Take public transportation.
  • Bring a few bottles of water (but not too many–bathrooms are a walk!)
  • Feel free to wear whatever you want–jeans and a t or the most fabulous outfit you own/have made
  • You might want to avoid white as there has been an organized protest by conservative churches to wear white tomorrow in protest.
  • Don’t be nervous!  It is a warm, caring environment.
  • Don’t forget your pink light if you’re a citizen or PR (instructions and a link to an app for android and apple are here).  Sadly as our PR isn’t through yet, we won’t be able to join this year, and I’m incredibly sad about that.
  • If you are not a citizen nor a PR, please remember that you are not allowed to join the dot.  But please join us in observing and cheering on the lighting of the dot.

I can’t wait to see friends at tomorrow’s event, and if you’re a reader and see us, please come up and say hi.  I’ll be wearing a shirt with bisexual pride patches, and the girls will be wearing matching t-shirts showing Elsa (from Frozen) and Merida (from Brave) with the tagline “Some Princesses love other Princesses: LET IT GO”.  Ravi will be picking up a shirt at the event.

Come celebrate love with us at Hong Lim Park!


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