P1 registration schadenfreude

Screw informational posts.  This week you get to bear witness to me losing my freaking mind.

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Thus far in the P1 process I have been brought to the point of tears over….

pr letter

  • Not having received our PR answer within the time frame we were promised.
  • Getting form letters telling me that our applications were processed when I asked if there was an expected time frame on our application.
  • After a huge sigh of relief at getting the in-principle approval for PR, finding out that the next appointment to finalize our paperwork wasn’t until the end of August, long after phase 2c and 2c supplementary.

    (We got PR, and then the Primary 1 hotline—yes, there is a HOTLINE—told me I could register E with the in-principle letter)




Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.56.31 pm

  • Finding out that four of the five schools near me are certain to ballot Singapore Citizens, meaning I have no chance in hell.
  • When talking to people about what school(s) we have narrowed our choices to, having them tell me that those school suck.  Because THAT’S helpful.
  • Parents then telling me telling me all these A list schools I should be sending Elanor to instead of the schools we actually can send her to.
  • Reading the parent threads at Kiasu Parents and feeling the rising panic as I see the seats bleeding away.


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.01.49 pm

This was how I spent today….

Last night as I was going through a drawer looking for paperwork, I stumbled across and almost discarded a letter about something called the NIR (National Immunisation Registry of Singapore) saying we could register our children’s vaccinations with them if we were so inclined.  I got that around the time that I was either on bedrest with a hellish pregnancy or breastfeeding 24/7—who knew how long we were going to be in Singapore anyways–I’m guessing either Ravi tossed it in the drawer or I did and it was never thought of again.  Until last night.

I went back to the P1 registration page to look at documents, and felt a rising sense of dread.

Want to know what I learned today after a 45 minute wait on the P1 Hotline?  That Elanor’s vaccination records?  The ones that are printed out neatly in a spreadsheet on Mass General Hospital letterhead?  The ones that would be accepted by any school in the US or any private school in Singapore?  Should have been registered with the NIR.

BUT–there was hope.  I could get a copy certified by a local doctor and use that and then register the shots with the NIR later.

(BTW–P1 hotline people?  I will either make out with you or make you cookies–whichever.  You’re that awesome.)

  • I call our pediatrician about certifying Elanor’s US shot record.
  • They say they weren’t sure how to go about certifying it.  But they’ll get our pediatrician to sign the US shot record and to email it to the NIR, cc’ing me.
  • Response from NIR effectively saying “thanks for the shot record, but we need these other documents for this family and child.”
  • I email back offering to take the documents physically down to their office later today.
  • They say email them.
  • I do so.
  • Dead silence

All the other emails solicited responses in less than 45 minutes—but the big email with all the documents?  Not so much as a “Yup, that’s everything.  We’ll get back to you.”

So tomorrow I’ll be contacting them again to ensure that everything is there and to ask exactly how big a statue I’ll need to erect in their honor if I can get the vaccination record before Friday’s final day of registration for Phase 2C (aka my only shot at the school I want).


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.19.53 pm

As it stands right now, on Friday I will be going to our choice of school with

  • an in-principle PR letter instead of a PR identification card for Ravi, Ellie and myself
  • maybe with a verified shot record?  Maybe with our US record signed by the SG pediatrician and the emails I’ve exchanged with the NIR?


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.19.16 pmSend good thoughts and crossed fingers Reeses.



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  1. mypointshoes says:

    All the best! The conversations at my workplace has been all about P1 registration as some of my colleagues are registering their kids.

  2. Ange says:

    Oh wow. Talk about stress!! Fingers crossed for you, and thinking good thoughts. I’d say”breathe” but I think “drink heavily” might be more appropriate at this point. Good luck!!!

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