Registration Night Jitters

Singapore, what the fuck have you done to us?

An update on the immunization drama on Tuesday—we have an email from the NIR saying that they have our data and that they are processing it, but it won’t be available before Friday.  Which I am printing out to take with to use instead of an NIR printout.

Phase 2C in person registration officially began on Wednesday and concludes tomorrow.  At the end of each day, the MOE (Ministry of Education) puts out the updated statistics—how many seats were available at the start of phase 2C and how many students have been registered for each of the primary schools in SG.  At the advice of Singaporean friends, we are waiting to register until tomorrow so as not to waste our time on oversubscribed schools.

We have been watching and analyzing these numbers as if we worked for fivethirtyeight (Statistics website–during the 2012 election they looked at every poll and broke down odds for every political race with a high success rate.)

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.25.56 pm

Natalie from “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” speaks the truth….

Without naming names, there are 5 primary schools within a 2 km distance of our home.  (For reference, Kiasu Parents is a website that has incredibly detailed P1 registration information, and has threads relating to every school in Singapore.  It has been very helpful in getting a sense of which schools parents were most interested in, which schools they didn’t like and some amount of why)

School A is religious.  We’re firmly atheist.  NO

School  B is a well known school that, given the new admissions rules outlined here, we stood no chance of getting into.  Apart from that, I’ve heard secondhand stories that made me think that the school culture would be too aggressive for Elanor.  NO

School C is also a popular school, but nothing I read on their website or in that’s school thread on kiasu parents really stood out to me.  MEH


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.55.11 pmsource


School D—We started this journey assuming that Elanor would end up at the primary school down the street.  It opened last year, and from what everyone told us, new schools tended to need a few years to catch on.  Next year they would only have a P1 and P2 class, so there aren’t a ton of extra curriculars, no history of test scores, etc.  That it is less than a half a mile from our house also made it attractive.  So from our perspective it is close and would be low demand—problem solved.


People are drooling and panting over this school.  It oversubscribed on the first day of registration.  Citizens within 2 km will likely end up balloting if you believe the numbers that are being reported in the Kiasu Parent threads.


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.56.42 pmsource

School E—I have liked this school from the moment I checked out their website.  They have a strong music program, which I know would appeal to Elanor.  She sings wherever she goes–she lives for music.  The academics look solid.  If we were within 1km it would have been my first call all along.  But that we’re 5th in line (behind citizens and PR’s within 1km )made me think we didn’t have a good chance of getting in.  So I focused on School D.

We’ve watched their enrollment numbers carefully and we will be applying there tomorrow as it looks like we should be able to get a seat.


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.03.16 pmsource—it’s such a good book!  I used to read it to my classes on the first day of school.

Of course, having decided that, we’ve spent the last few hours agonizing over statistics and looking at a bunch of other school’s websites.  Is it the right choice?  Are we missing something?  Is there a better option for her?

Tune in tomorrow to see if

  • The school is willing to let me use my in-principle PR letter and in-progress NIR email to register Elanor
  • If I arrived at the school to find a line four hundred people long
  • Whether I still have any fingernails left or if I bit them off completely from the stress of waiting for the MOE numbers tomttomorrow.   Those will give me a reasonably good idea if we got in or if we’ll be balloting/ have been rejected.


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  1. Oh my, reading your post is giving me the jitters, so I can’t begin to imagine the stress levels in your home right now. Sending you positive thoughts, and keeping my fingers crossed for you! Can’t wait to read about what happens tomorrow.

  2. Mummy Ed says:

    I hope you didn’t have too traumatic a time today! I think I know which school D you’re referring to. Looks like the principal’s reputation has really pulled a lot of weight, because that sure didn’t happen when the school across the road from me (and maybe 2km from said school?) opened up only like 3-4 years ago??

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