My head is spinning

I don’t think I ever imagined a month like the one we just had.  Over the course of November we had

  • Elanor’s Birthday party at home
  • Elanor celebrated her birthday at school with cupcakes
  • We had a parent/teacher conference about Elanor
  • My in-laws arrived from the US
  • Elanor had her end of year gymnastics show
  • Elanor graduated K2/end of year school concert
  • Rhiannon had her end of year school concert
  • Elanor had P1 Orientation
  • Rhiannon had her end of year gymnastics show
  • Elanor had her ballet recital
  • We had a parent/teacher conference about Rhiannon
  • All six of us went to Bali for a week
  • My bedroom aircon broke and it took a terrifying number of people to get it working again
  • Then my living room aircon broke (different compressor)
  • My macbook’s motherboard died, leaving me unable to do any photo or video uploading

I’m exhausted just typing that, so it’s really no shock that Ellie and I both got sick in the week between her P1 orientation and her ballet recital, or that I’ve come down with another cold now.  (Also Elanor and I both got ear infections in Bali, but I’m not blaming that on stress–that’s bad luck).

However, I have functioning aircon throughout my house (for the moment). My macbook is up and running again. We are done with extracurriculars until Dec 29th.  Elanor finishes K2 next Friday (Rhi’s school is also a daycare, so they’re open throughout December–which will be handy at times).  My in-laws are on their way to a wedding in Mumbai before coming back for Christmas. And I have unpacked the suitcases from the trip.

So now I get to go collapse, right?

I’ll try to catch you guys up on what’s happening with us over the next bit of time, probably starting with Bali and working backwards.  In the meantime, today was Elanor’s last day in uniform at GUG, and I have two pictures to show you.

20120116_132824Although Elanor began at GUG in April of 2011 when she was 2 years and 5 months old, the classes prior to Nursery 2 do not wear uniforms.  This picture is from January 2012, when Elanor was 3 years and 2 months old on her first day of Nursery 2.  This was her first day in a uniform at GUG.

2014-12-03This picture is from today.  Elanor is 6 years and 1 month old.  Today was her last day in uniform as a Kindergarten 2 student.  The last week of class is “holiday program,” which means that they can wear whatever they want.

Looking at the two pictures side by side makes me feel very sentimental.

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