Bukit Batok Nature Preserve

Recently Claire and I visited the Bukit Batok Nature Preserve.


Developed on an abandoned quarry site in 1988, Bukit Batok Nature Park features stunning views and crystal clear waters. Serene and tranquil, it is an ideal place for a peaceful nature walk. (source)

The quarry is the main attraction of the nature preserve.  There are several hiking trails to get there. Some are a bit steep, be careful if you have a wheelchair or stroller in your party.


It’s a quiet oasis full of interesting trees and flowers. If you look at the one above, you can see how the roots have wrapped around the rock.


There’s a lot of wildlife, although we only saw turtles, birds, butterflies and other small creatures.  But my favorite were the pink dragonflies I spotted by the lake.  I’m really proud of this picture!

We did the full loop, which took about two hours.  Although there are bathrooms by the quarry lake, there is no place to buy water, so remember to bring your own.

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