Halloween 2015

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and always has been. So I was thrilled to learn that there is trick or treating in Singapore. While there are some condos and neighborhoods that do trick or treating, the motherlode is in Woodlands.




October 31, 2015

(rain, shine, haze, whatever)


Take a TAXI to Singapore American School and follow the crowds

(Do not attempt to drive. The residents close off most of the roads and the hdb parking isn’t adequate to the crowds)


However, it bears saying that these crowds are NOT for the faint of heart (the typical number I’ve heard is in excess of 2,000 people crammed into a small number of blocks).  They are massive on any day of the week–given that Halloween is on a Saturday, I would expect it to be twice as insane as always.

If you need them–here are some last minute costume ideas

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