Wordless Wednesday–Hawaii, Island of Maui (part 1)

All my best photos are from Maui and I couldn’t narrow the pictures down to a reasonable number, so I’ll do two sets (this week and next week). Maui was the highlight of the trip for me, especially the time I spent out on the water/in the water. I don’t feel the need to go back to Honolulu or the Big Island, but I could happily return to Maui.

Also, all of my whale watch photos are from three different trips (one just photographers, one snorkeling trip and one family whale watch) I took with Pacific Whale Foundation. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in doing a whale watch in Maui to go with them. Be sure to check out next week’s photos for a pod of spinner dolphins and another humpback whale.

We were in Hawaii just before the start of whale season, so I don’t have any photos with whales breaching the way I would if I were there today. Whale season is mid December to mid May, fyi.


My sandy child


Ravi taking the girls into the surf


Whale watch specifically for photographers

Pacific Whale FoundationIMG_7984

We found a young male hanging out at the surface. Here’s a flipper waving hello.


Humpbacks are so called because of this–the humped back when they are getting ready to dive. Same whale as above.IMG_8123

Random person cliff diving at the Sheraton Maui


Look just behind the watermark to see the cliff diver. This is one of the people who cliff dive as part of a nightly ceremony at the Sheraton Maui


Elanor with one of the of the crew on our snorkeling boat


Two bottlenose dolphins


A brown booby. Yes, I remembered because of the name. I’m not always mature.

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