Wordless Wednesday—Hawaii, Island of Maui part 2

All my best photos are from Maui and I couldn’t narrow the pictures down to a reasonable number, so I decided do two sets (last week and this). Maui was the highlight of the trip for me, especially the time I spent out on the water/in the water. I don’t feel the need to go back to Honolulu or the Big Island, but I could happily return to Maui.

Also, all of my whale watch photos are from three different trips (one just photographers, one snorkeling trip and one family whale watch) I took with Pacific Whale Foundation. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in doing a whale watch in Maui to go with them. Be sure to check out next week’s photos for a pod of spinner dolphins and another humpback whale.

We were in Hawaii just before the start of whale season, so I don’t have any photos with whales breaching the way I would if I were there today. Whale season is mid December to mid May, fyi.


Rhi on the Whale Watch


Spinner Dolphin, releasing air from his blowhole


Spinner Dolphin, the released air from his blowhole has sprayed, taken just seconds after the photo above.


This was a pod of fifty or more spinner dolphins. They came right up to our boat and hung out with us for quite a while.


Here’s a spinner dolphin leaping out of the water. They jump in a spinning motion, hence, spinner dolphins.


We found a pregnant female (the first whales to arrive in Maui are the immature males–such as in last week’s photos) and the pregnant females about to calve. IMG_8686

They knew she was female because only female whales have a ball shaped protrusion on their tail.


She hung out at the surface for a long time and was quite vocal. No one has ever documented the humpback whale giving birth, but the marine biologists on board thought she might be in labor. Unfortunately we did not see a birth.

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