Clinton St Baking & Co. (Review)

Clinton St Baking & Co, a New York favorite, has opened here in New York. Offering American Breakfast food all day (and a limited non-breakfast menu after 11:30 am) this restaurant fills a niche that is sorely lacking in options in Singapore.



Until last week they only served food until 6pm, so Ravi and I hadn’t tried it, despite several friends’ rave reviews. But with the welcome news that they are now serving dinner until 10pm everyday, we finally made it there.




Of all the menu items, I was most excited to see crispy potato pancakes (aka latkes) on the menu. While I can make pretty much any American style breakfast food I crave at home, my latke skills are subpar. It’s been two years since I had a decent latke.

These are delicious. They are crispy on the outside and full of hot, shredded potato on the inside. They’re served with the traditional sour cream and applesauce. I’m not a fan of sour cream, so I requested only applesauce. They add caramel, which gives the applesauce an extra dimension.

Highly recommended.


I ordered the Southern staple of Fried Chicken and Waffles for my main. This comes with optional maple butter, but I prefer to go with the traditional maple syrup. The waffle could have been a little more crisp, but that’s a personal preference. The chicken was well cooked with just a hint of tobasco sauce for a kick. Both this and Ravi’s pancakes (below) were large enough to feed two or three people–we were unable to finish our entrees.


While there are three standard toppings for the house pancakes, February is “pancake month” with a different special pancake each week (see here for details). Ravi ordered last weekend’s special–“Swedish Pancakes.” This was a bit of a misnomer as Swedish Pancakes have apples baked into the pancake, rather than being topped with them, but they were delicious nonetheless.



The chocolate peanut butter shake was a delight. It’s made with salted peanut butter, which keeps the shake from becoming overly sweet. This was the one thing where I wished for a larger portion.


They also offer a large selection of pies and cakes, but neither of us had enough room to try them. We’ll definitely be back.


Clinton St Baking

31 Purvis St

8am-10pm daily


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