Six Years (and a few months)

We moved to Singapore in April 2010.

Today I revamped the website in part because my long list of expat blogs is a list of dead blogs. Last month, one of my dearest friends left Singapore. I still pick up my phone to ask her if she’s around, only to remember that she’s not. I recently was talking to my girls and I was listing off the people who can always pick them up, and almost included her.

At some point while I was paying attention to other things, we transitioned from expats to those expats who have been here forever.

IMG_0049Elanor, June 2010

I missed our fifth anniversary because I was in the hospital recovering from an infection that came close to killing me. I noticed our sixth anniversary abstractly because of Facebook Memories.

13332817_10153431913751946_5795725487567727860_nRhiannon’s first and new passport photos (2011, 2016)

Right around the time I was seeing those Facebook memories of our move to Singapore, I realized that Rhiannon had been four and a half for a while. Which meant that she had less than six months left on her passport and that we needed to renew it. The child who was nothing more than a vague plan when we moved here is now on her second passport.


Both girls, taken June 2016

When we agreed to move to Singapore, Ravi and I assumed that we’d be here for a few years at most. We never expected to be here six years later. We certainly never expected to take Permanent Residency.

In June 2010 I would swear that we would not be here in 2016.

Do I think we’ll still be here in June 2022? No way.

But then I’ve been wrong before, obviously.

****I refuse to make another post about my health, but I just got out of the hospital following another series of surgeries on my back. Yay, degenerative disc disease and chronic pain. There, you’re up to date*****

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  1. Eugene says:

    Please take care of your own health for the sake of your 2 little beautiful girls 😀

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