Changing your address in Singapore

One of the first things I did when we lined up our move was to change our address with Singpost.



I’ve had to go down and follow up with Singpost twice.  The mail isn’t getting forwarded. Which sucks on its own,  but especially so because you have to pay for changing your address.

So, if you can,  ensure that everyone has your new address, and maybe don’t bother paying Singpost.

I don’t know about other countries,  but in the US your mail is forwarded automatically once you fill out a form, it’s free, and it works .

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5 Responses to Changing your address in Singapore

  1. marajaded says:

    ?? i don’t know how much mail you get, but usually, we just call our banks / insurance / telcos etc and inform them of the address change. granted i moved from my mom’s place to my own place so anyone i left out she passes over to me but still.

    this is the funny bit, after we get our first mail with our address, we then head to a police stn / neighbourhood police centre and get it changed on our IDs. yes, they take your mail as proof of change. it’s very odd.

  2. We used our TA at the police station (my next post).

    One of the issues with living abroad is that a chunk of mail comes from overseas (such as my daughter’s American Girl magazine) which can take several weeks to arrive.

    We handed over the apartment a week after forwarding “started” and plenty of mail didn’t get forwarded. Like you said, your mom hands it over. Throughout our six years at the old place and the week at the new we’ve gotten mail meant for a previous tenant.

    More to the point, though, considering the US can do this (mostly) flawlessly, and for free, for a country of ~300 million people, why can’t a bureaucracy as efficient as Singapore’s do mail forwarding FOR A FEE well with a pop of ~ 6 million people.

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  4. Katrijn de Ronde says:

    I went to Singpost, and I wasn’t allowed to change my children’s mailing address. Or my husband’s. Or, you know, anybody else’s but my own. Because obviously each person needs to request it for themselves. I am not allowed to fill out a request for the three-year-old (yes, he gets mail, his aunts and uncles are really good about sending my kids personal postcards). And obviously, we’d pay for each individually. So I didn’t pay for anything. Having read your post, I’m glad I didn’t! (Same in the Netherlands as in US: mail gets forwarded for free -and seamlessly, in my experience- for a certain number of weeks, after which you’re meant to have updated everyone.)

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