The end of an era

We are leaving Singapore.

In less than a month.

This wasn’t planned. A company head-hunted Ravi, one thing lead to another, and it ended in a job offer that he accepted. We’d hoped the girls and I would follow later–giving them time to finish out some of the school year–but things just didn’t work out for that to happen.

I’m overwhelmed by the abrupt closing of a nearly seven year chapter of our lives. Ravi and I have spent the majority of our relationship here. Elanor is furious with us for making her leave her friends and her life here for a country she hasn’t lived in since she was one. Rhiannon is regressing and keeps threatening to not get on the plane. I’m trying to schedule one last dinner with everyone I’ve grown so close to.

I’ll have a lot more to say on the subject as the date approaches, and on our re-entry to the US. But for now, I’ll simply say that I both am already mourning the demise of my life here and am excited for the next chapter.

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