I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was 18, but I wanted one that had meaning for me.

In the spirit of dyeing my hair the way I had always wanted to, but been too frightened to do, I finally made my selection–a tattoo that represented my children. With the move closing in, I talked to my stylist with the amazing sleeve tattoo and got the name of his artist.

I made an appointment with Kelvin at The Standard Tattoo, and got a souvenir from Singapore that I’ll never lose (well, that and Rhiannon, who was born there).

I’d originally thought it would be a small tattoo, but ultimately it takes up the inside of my arm from the wrist to almost the elbow.

People ask if it hurts. Certain parts hurt, but watching Kelvin do the tattoo was so engrossing that there were only a few parts that really hurt.

The tattoo took three hours, which I’m told is fast. I lost track of time.

The bunny represents Rhiannon. She was born in the year of the rabbit, her class at her Chinese pre-school was called the rabbit class. She’s also bouncy as hell, so she is my bunny.

The ribbon is a miscarriage remembrance ribbon. We don’t talk about miscarriage enough. Everyone has their own way of grieving. Mine include considering that lost, wanted pregnancy one of my children.

The turtle represents Elanor, who I’ve called my turtle since she was only a few days old.


I have no regrets, and consider it one of the best parts of leaving Singapore.

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