Monterrey Aquarium

A few weeks ago, we went to the Monterrey Aquarium. It’s quite large (we didn’t see everything and we were there for several hours) and I highly recommend it as a family destination. We elected not to get a membership as we’re not sure we’ll return any time soon as it’s almost two hours away.


The aquarium used to be the site of a cannery, and in the lobby there are interactive displays to learn more about the history of canneries in Monterrey.

There are lots of tanks and a huge variety of marine life, with a focus on the life that lives in the bay. There’s an octopus, a room full of jellyfish, sea otters, and more.

This is one of my favorite pictures–some sea anemones

Kids can pretend to be penguin chicks, or a clam

There’s a playground where little kids (mine are starting to age out of it) can run off some energy and pretend to be various fish. There’s also a baby play area.

And of course there are tons of touch pools. Rhiannon’s goal was to touch a starfish–here she is doing it.

Nearby there are tons of restaurants and shops on Cannery Row, so there’s plenty to do and see after your kids tire of the aquarium.

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