I have two articles over at Sassy Mama Singapore, most likely my last two which saddens me. Another link to Singapore severed.

The first is a roundtable discussion with three other moms about repatriation and whether we’d go abroad again.

The second is written as a Singapore vs US school repatriation and the culture shock we’re still dealing with.

The biggest and most problematic change we have had to deal with in California is that the standards are very different. In Singapore, Elanor strove to meet the high expectations set by the MOE. In California, the expectations are much lower and her effort has correspondingly dropped. There have been no spelling tests, no math quizzes, no assessments of any kind. Although she skipped half a year of school, we often feel that Elanor isn’t being adequately challenged in California. After worrying about all the pressure of the exams in Singapore, it turns out that I miss the academic rigour.

Read the rest here.

The girls now say they’re about 50/50 on Singapore vs CA. They now have local friends and are building a support network here, and they would be sad to leave it. Yet they also miss their friends and support network in Singapore.

I’m at about 75/25 most days, missing Singapore.

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