Vegas 2018 part five

There’s plenty to do in Vegas if strip clubs and sexy revues aren’t your thing.

Another night we stayed in at the Bellagio. First we went to “O,” the Cirque du Soleil show based there. There are actually several Cirque shows in Vegas, depending on your mood. As I said before, I overdosed on The Travel Channel when I was a teenager, and another show I saw talked about “O.”

“O” is a unique show in that under the stage is a giant, very deep water tank. The stage opens and closes depending on the number, and there’s really nothing like it. So I’ve wanted to see it for ages.

Before the show starts, these two clowns make their way through the audience. They were charming, and I enjoyed their antics. They would reappear throughout the show as comedic relief among the more dreamlike and surreal acts. That might sound jarring, but it flowed quite well.

Performers dove in the water, did synchronized swimming, flew above the water, and everything in between. Even though I write for a living, I’m at a loss to describe the show beyond saying if you ever get the chance to go, you should.

After the show we stopped in the casino on our way back to the hotel room. I started with sixty dollars. I made the choice to play four hands of blackjack. Whatever I won, I won, and whatever I lost, I lost. As you can see above, I won a whopping fifteen dollars. I’ve always been the player who keeps playing to maximize winnings and always ends up with less money than I started with or no money at all. It was way more fun to just go in with this sort of plan.

That said, I’m not a huge gambler. I didn’t have the urge to play any further or on another day. It was fun, and then I moved on.

We ended up on a fairly nocturnal schedule. The night we went to the first strip club, we were out until four in the morning. Another night has us out until five am. I don’t know what night/morning I took this, but here is what sunrise looked like from our hotel room just before I shut the blackout curtains and crashed.

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