Vegas 2018 part six

This is a post for the miscellaneous bits that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Here is my photo op in front of the fountains that was a double fail in that the fountains weren’t on, and a wind came out of nowhere and blew my hair into my face. I love the picture though, so whatever. I think it’s funny.

On our last night in Vegas I went and watched the fountains for over an hour. The shows are every fifteen minutes at night. The clip above is a short excerpt from “Luck be a Lady.”

I went to the Bellagio Spa, which was the most pampered I think I’ve ever felt in a spa. It got off to a good start when they had a robe that fit me. After seven years in Asia, it is a relief to be somewhere where robe sizes go up to mine. In fact, I liked the robe so much that I bought one. When I got home, Rhi needed to try it on.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a foodie. But we wanted to do a high end restaurant (to continue the theme of kid unfriendly), so Ravi picked Bazaar Meat at SLS–part steak house, part tapas/Spanish restaurant, all delicious. Our dinner at Bazaar Meat was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

I didn’t take a picture–I’m terrible at Instagraming food–but I tried possibly the most exotic/weird thing I’ve ever put in my mouth–cotton candy foie gras. It’s a small nibble of foie gras in the middle of cotton candy (candy floss). You eat it one bit and the combination of flavors was incredible. But not so incredible I wanted a second one.

The steak was yummy. I tried but wasn’t crazy about Ravi’s suckling pig. The picture above is half of a dessert from the dessert cart. They’re all one to three bites and there are lots of options for even the pickiest (coughmecough) eater.

It was such an amazing trip and I was so happy to reconnect with Ravi. We weren’t/aren’t having trouble or anything in the marriage, but we also just haven’t had this sort of dedicated time to focus on just us and it was like a gust of fresh air. I can’t wait another x years to do it again.

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