Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour


I saw my first “big’ concert in Hong Kong. Prior to that I’d only seen two concerts, both in small venues in Boston. But both the concert in HK and the concerts I went to in Singapore were indoors. I’ve never seen what a concert can look like when it’s held at a football stadium.

Cue Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

I made a point to be online at exactly the right time to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s new tour. I’d taken Elanor to the Red and 1989 Tours in Singapore and at this point it’s our tradition to go see Taylor perform. So in May, a few weeks before school ended, I took Ellie to the Reputation Tour.

By the time Elanor got into the Stadium, waited in the merchandise line, waited in the bathroom line, and waited in the food line and to our seats, the first opening act, Charlie XCX was nearly done.

BUT we were in time for the second opening act, Camila Carbello. The video above is from when she sang Havana, which has been on heavy rotation in my house for months.

Then Taylor took the stage.

She opened with “Ready For It” of course.

While I’ve seen big props on stage (Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball comes to mind), and we’ve seen performers go to secondary stages, everything was just bigger in the stadium. Here’s the giant cobra that came out for only two songs, including (of course) “Look What You Made Me Do.”

She said that there were 55,000 people in the stadium and I certainly believe that’s about right. The number of people was crazy, all screaming and dancing. The energy was amazing.

The thing about a stadium tour like this is that the special effects are crazy. Check this out for pyrotechnics, fireworks, and elaborate lights. This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

I loved how the people behind designing how the screens worked also thought to use them for cool effects like this.

It’s an amazing tour. Currently the only stop in Asia is Tokyo if I’m remember correctly. But I’m hoping she adds Singapore to the tour–it would be great to see her perform in the new Singapore Sports Hub.

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