Trump Kim Summit

I was on vacation when this farce went down, and I didn’t want to ruin my fun, so I waited to write this.

Singapore was suckered. The Trump Kim summit will accomplish nothing but further alienating our former friends. Singapore spent 20 million on this, and tarnished its own reputation by taking wefies with Kim and buying Trump a birthday cake. Does Singapore, which already has a poor rating for freedom of the press and human rights, really want to cuddle up to a brutal dictator that tortures his own people and has his own relatives assassinated and a wannabe fascist?

I’ve seen a lot of Singaporeans say it was worth it because it held the promise of peace. To which I say–you got hoodwinked.

There. I spoke out, which at least in theory I can still do in the US.

I try to keep my blog lighthearted, but the reality is that Trump is doing his level best to destroy us. He’s destroyed solid relationships with Germany, Mexico, and Canada among others. He’s starting trade wars. He signed away policies that protected our air and water. He created the policy that separated children from their parents and put them in camps in the middle of the Texas desert, and they will likely never be reunited with their families, including children from families that followed the existing laws and came to the US looking for asylum. He rolled back domestic violence as a reason to seek asylum in the US. He is now in theory allowing families to be detained together, but that won’t reunite the families that have already been destroyed, and they can potentially be detained indefinitely.

Trump has said he wants to be president for life, like in China. He says he wants his people to be as deferential as the North Koreans who are starved by their Dear Leader. Trump wants to be a dictator, and he wants us all to bow and scrape before him.

This goes beyond my disagreements and dislike of Republican lawmakers and policies. Trump takes it to such an extreme, liberating the white supremacists to attack anyone different from them. He has hired the least qualified cabinet. He is endangering my country, and the only thing I can do is to help get enough Democrats elected this November that we can block his agenda in Congress and provide some balance to his monopoly on all three branches of government.

Trump is a horror show, and it will take decades to undo the damage he has wrought, if we ever can. And Singapore, you played right into his tiny, greedy, orange hands.

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