Kindergarten Graduation

One of the reasons we decided to move back to the US was that while Singapore schools were working out for Elanor, it was blindingly obvious that they weren’t the right fit for Rhiannon. Rhi has some special needs including ADHD and sensory processing disorder. Nothing earth shattering, but enough that the rigid structure of Singapore’s public schools would be a train wreck for her.

Additionally, she just wasn’t ready for Singaporean first grade in January of this year. That was obvious last year, and it’s obvious today.

While I have complained about less rigorous US academics in the past when it comes to Elanor, the slower/gentler approach has been just right for Rhi. There was no expectation that she could read already. Nor is she expected to go into first grade in August knowing how to read. She has grown by leaps and bounds and can sound out easy words and has an ever increasing number of sight words, but she isn’t a fluent enough reader to survive Singapore public’s first grade.

We have had the best year with an amazing, warm, loving teacher named Mrs. G. She was exactly the right person to introduce Rhi to elementary school.

On June 1, Rhi graduated from Kindergarten.

Here’s hoping first grade is just as positive an experience!

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