New York with Kids, part 2–Broadway

Happy fourth of July–aka America’s Birthday! I’m writing this in advance, so I’ll write about our 4th in a post or two.

So, New York City with kids. Anyone who has read my blog knows I’m obsessed with theater, especially musicals. So taking my kids to NYC automatically means that Broadway shows were on the menu. Shows open and close at any time, so keep that in mind when I’m discussing specific shows.

Each of my girls saw their first broadway show around the age of 5/6. However, I’d been taking them to children’s theater since they were really little–like 2/3–so they were familiar with the idea that when we go to shows we’re quiet and sit still and all that jazz. I highly encourage you to do this to familiarize them with theater.

There’s always a Disney show or three to go to on Broadway–at the moment The Lion King, Aladdin, and Frozen. They’re specifically meant for kids, and are a good bet, especially with the little ones.

I chose Wicked (which Elanor had seen with me in Singapore, and Rhi was jealous that she hadn’t seen) and Anastasia (based on the animated movie). On a previous trip to NYC Elanor had seen Phantom of the Opera (the 25th anniversary had been on Netflix, and E had become obsessed with it) and Cinderella (which isn’t on Broadway anymore).

When you take your kids, there are seat boosters for the kids. If you can’t find them, ask an usher.

Ironically, Rhi fell asleep during the intermission of Wicked and slept through most of the second act due to jetlag. But she enjoyed what she saw. I think Elanor appreciated Wicked on a different level than she did at 7, and I’m sure she’ll appreciate the more adult themes that go over her head even more later.

Anastasia was a really great musical for the kids. The sets are exciting, as are the special effects. The performers were good, although we did see a matinee on Tony Awards day so we missed the headline performers.

Matinees are better for the younger kids, but you know your kids well enough to decide if they can handle a 2.5 hour show that starts at 8pm.


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